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What is Castila? / ¿Qué es Castila?

Castila was founded in 1988 by a group of Spanish teachers who felt a true passion and enthusiasm for their language and culture.

...and a vocation to teach.
Our philosophy is to transmit the real Spain, so full of contrasts, a society where cultural exchange is so important.

A language school in an unbeatable setting...
Castila is located in the Albaicin area, the famous Arabic quarter in the centre of Granada facing the Alhambra. Plazas, green spaces, narrow, traffic-free streets, fountains and the whitewashed walls of the houses.

... in a traditional neighbourhood.
The traditional houses in the Albaicin quarter are the famous “Carmen”*, and Castila is housed in one of them - the Carmen de los Gatos.
* A “Carmen” is the traditional Arabic house found in Granada, with a beautiful garden surrounded by a perimeter wall.


Calle Aljibe del Gato, 1, Granada, Granada, 18010, Spain