CastiLa, International Spanish Centre
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What is Castila? / ¿Qué es Castila?

Castila was founded in 1988 by a group of Spanish teachers who felt a true passion and enthusiasm for their language and culture.

...and a vocation to teach.
Our philosophy is to transmit the real Spain, so full of contrasts, a society where cultural exchange is so important.

A language school in an unbeatable setting...
Castila is located in the Albaicin area, the famous Arabic quarter in the centre of Granada facing the Alhambra. Plazas, green spaces, narrow, traffic-free streets, fountains and the whitewashed walls of the houses.

... Campus San Nicolás, in a traditional neighbourhood.
An International Education Campus around one the most famous and valued squares of the world, Mirador de San Nicolás, in the very heart of the unique and universal neighbourhood of Granada, the Albaicín. Read more


Plaza de San Nicolás, 3, Granada, Granada, 18010, Spain