CastiLa, International Spanish Centre
1001 Opportunities to learn and practice Spanish
General Conditions


1.1. registration

1.1.1. Registration in the Centre implies the acceptance of the general rules. If in doubt, please check with Management. Management has the right to make the final decision and agrees to inform of the decision taken as soon as possible.

1.1.2. In order to be registered for a course, send an application form by e-mail, ordinary mail or fax; you can book by telephone as well. To maintain the booking you need to send a minimum deposit of € 120. This deposit is not an additional cost.  

1.1.3. We appreciate to receive your registration as soon as possible, in order to arrange everything for your reservation. In return, you will get a confirmation of your course and accommodation, detailed information and a bill for your booking. Registration at the last moment could be possible depending on availability.


1.2. payments

1.2.1. The total payment will be made before the start of the course, or within the first three days of the course.

1.2.2. The deposit and the total payment can be made by:

- Bank transfer, indicating your name to Sociedad Andaluza de Estudios Hispánicos,  International Banking Account Number (IBAN) ES45 0075 3494 7706 0100 0263; swift code (Bank Identification Code - BIC): BANDESSS, Banco Popular Español, Reyes Católicos, 40, 18009 Granada, Spain. All bank charges are at the expense of the applicant. Please add € 10 to cover these bank charges. Any excess payment will be refunded. The real amount received by Castila will be shown in the corresponding bank statement.

-Credit card (Visa and MasterCard), sending the number and expiry date by e-mail, fax, telephone or in the school’s office. Commission charge of 2% is at the expense of the applicant.

1.2.3. The bill will made by applying the fees published in the current year. According to this point, any occasional error in receipt, invoice, e-mail or letter will be corrected.


1.3. cancellationS

1.3.1. In case that cancellation is communicated at least 15 days before the starting date of the staying the full amount will be refunded, except for the € 120 deposit. This deposit can be used as a payment for another course starting in the next two years.

1.3.2. In case that cancellation is communicated in less than 15 days before the starting date the student will be required to pay two weeks of the course and accommodation fees. The course fee for those two weeks can be used as a payment for a future course. The difference with the total amount for the stay will be refunded.

1.3.3. Once the course has begun, total or partial cancellation of the course is not acceptable. If the course still has to be paid, the student will be required to pay the full costs. Management will give the possibility of postponing the booking of the course to other period. In order to grant this, a signed, stamped and transferable document will be handed to the student. Regarding accommodation, 2 weeks fees of the outstanding booking have to be paid.



2.1. Distribution of levels

2.1.1. The distribution of courses and levels is the responsibility of the teaching team, who, considering the test, interview and language needs of the student, will take the final decision of where the student will be placed in. Levels and their distribution will be established on the first Monday of the course after the interview and the test -this means that you will begin in your appropriate level at 11:50 in the same morning.

2.1.2. The criteria that justifies these decisions will be strictly academic. The maximum number of students is 6, but exceptionally, and with the unanimous approval of all participants, this could be increased.

2.1.3. Since it is the aim of the academic directorate to arrange that the study groups whilst working at the highest level possible, are also made up of a minimum number of students within the group, it may happen that a group consists of one student only. Such being the case, the student who attends an intensive language course will receive half of the classes reserved (which will comprise the technical elements of the program) in a private class and the other half (the practical activities of the program) with the group at the nearest level to that intended -provided that it is possible. The student who attends a specific purpose course will receive 70% of this course, the other 30% may be attended in an intensive language course.


2.2. Changing Group

2.2.1. The student who considers changing group convenient for him, must ask a teacher for it. Teachers and the Academic Manager will decide whether the change is appropriate and/or beneficial to the student or not.

2.2.2. Changing the course from General (A) into General (B) is possible. The cost will be € 68 per week. Changing the course from General (B) into General (A) usually is not possible because it is considered a way of cancellation.


2.3. Extension of Courses

2.3.1. Extending a course must be requested to and approved by Management, who will formally agree to communicate the decision within 24 hours. Please ask for it as soon as possible: the sooner the asking for an extension is addressed to Management, the more benefits you will have for organising the stay.

2.3.2. If course subscription is extended, the price will be calculated according to the total number of weeks; that results in a cheaper cost than considering it a new booking.

2.3.3. The participation in a course goes from Monday to the Friday of the last week of stay. Prolongation to make up for any lost days, until next Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday...  could be considered by Management, and if approved, it would be free of charge. Usually, it is possible if the group remains open.

2.3.4. The beginning and/or departure at different days must be accepted by Management. The prices to be applied will be proportional to the total number of weeks.         


2.4. School Materials

2.4.1. The Centre provides for the necessary materials, including a grammar book and exercises that correspond to the student level. This belongs to the student and is included in the fee.

2.4.2. The registration also includes the use of all school materials available at the Centre. These materials are the property of the school. If used, must be returned to the school prior to departure.

2.4.3. The use of books and related materials must be made according to the normal and customary rules of loans: that is to say, it is forbidden to mark and/or write on them; in addition, they must be returned in the same good condition they were received.

2.4.4. The school, as long as it may be possible -but without any commitment to it- will facilitate the acquisition of most of the materials used.


2.5. Diplomas and Certificates

2.5.1 At the end of the course, every student will obtain a certificate of assistance. To obtain this certificate, it is necessary an assistance not inferior to 90 %. It means that the right to obtain this certificate will be cancelled if non-justified absences are superior to 10 %.

2.5.2. You can obtain a certificate of level. It will implicate some specific tests organised by the Academic Management of the School.

2.5.3. All certificates include administrative costs of € 5.



3.1. The price of the school’s accommodation includes bedclothes (sheets and blankets), but no towels. It also includes electricity, gas, water, heating, community tax and cleaning (once a week, minimum). Most of the apartments also have television and telephone, but not all of them contain these facilities. All the students have access to the swimming pool located in some of Castila's sites.

3.2. Placement of the students is the responsibility of the school. The school will always consider, to ensure the best possible placement, the criteria of distance, number of people to share the place, status, age, etc.

3.3. Accommodation lasts from Sunday to the Saturday of the last week of stay. Arrival before Sunday and / or extension until Sunday will be considered by Management. Apply for it.

3.4. For arrival and departure at different days, the following price schedule will be applied in 2016/2017:

Shared flat

1 day € 

Spanish Family

 Full board 

1 day €

 Half board 

 1 day €

Single room


Single room



Double room


Double room



Individual Apartment 

1 day € 




Individual full use






3.5. Double room and bookings: The double room is guaranteed for those students/companions that booked a room for two in advance. In case of one person booking a double room and no other reservation to complete it in the same period, the student will be placed in a single room regime, as far as price and billing are concerned.

3.6. Changing of accommodation will be possible when Management finds it feasible.



4.1. As far as the Spanish family regime is concerted, all responsibility belongs to the school. This should be taken into account and consideration concerning to possible complaints, charges, extension of staying and/or any other requests.

4.2. All payments must always be made via the Administration of the school. Any extension of staying must be requested to and approved by Management.


These rules were formed with the consent of the Management of Castila in December 2015 and will be valid until December 2016.

Plaza de San Nicolás, 3, Granada, Granada, 18010, Spain